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Welcome Fanqiu Chen from Using Python to Access Web Data

We provide two files for this assignment. One is a sample file where we give you the sum for your testing and the other is the actual data you need to process for the assignment.

Sample data:  (Sum=2553)

Actual data:  (Sum ends with 38)

You do not need to save these files to your folder since your program will read the data directly from the URL.

Note: Each student will have a distinct data url for the assignment - so only use your own data url for analysis.

Data Format

The file is a table of names and comment counts. You can ignore most of the data in the file except for lines like the following:

<tr><td>Modu</td><td><span >90</span></td></tr>

<tr><td>Kenzie</td><td><span >88</span></td></tr>

<tr><td>Hubert</td><td><span >87</span></td></tr>

You are to find all the <span> tags in the file and pull out the numbers from the tag and sum the numbers.

Look at the sample code  provided. It shows how to find all of a certain kind of tag, loop through the tags and extract the various aspects of the tags.


# Retrieve all of the anchor tags tags = soup('a')

for tag in tags:

# Look at the parts of a tag print 'TAG:',tag

print 'URL:',tag.get('href', None) print 'Contents:',tag.contents[0] print 'Attrs:',tag.attrs

You need to adjust this code to look for span tags and pull out the text content of the span tag, convert them to integers and add them up to complete the assignment.

Sample Execution

$ python3

Enter - Count 50

Sum 2...

Turning in the Assignment

Enter the sum from the actual data and your Python code below:

Sum: (ends with 38) Submit Assignment Python code:



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