程序代写案例-O 5

d Prin cp (es of Oganic Chemis dey tL CHE
M 25] @
MS Habus O 5 i p Zt u Vvirvitw x (no Fa suds befude tor Actos ly ceaghmy tlhe Lu 55 abu )
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Rerian Northrop , Wy olfbivee is HNoll-Alweter room 29 CHAP)
. Bost wey fe reach me when Im not
iA ey o fi ce » bnor they & Wesleyan ed
° OL fie hours ° Tucs hays
9 730- F700
Weenes kay 5 9:30
~ Y:Oo
g ih ary [ts acti tin & vl
¢ Cour:
[The comere | Textbook + Carey ¢ Giul
: aro OPTrOMAL (rae Access are all C
lecturer : Shanklin 10F Tro ¢ Thaw ss > PLEASE
Cone to Coc tut t take sod note s!

° Erans, fe Paey v pov oen sets will be
base ov what L£ cover tn CocYure .
. f .
a. + erate
° Jou are welcane to Lf Mow
along. in the hook, bat at
is not gate
(al! notes will be ported). The 00k may provi
aclelifrone | contest ,
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cles tard the parterial.
Lam pes, and probems vo he ly you U
+lLe book tle wk a clon ‘
{ CO Ler ts Coc ture
something A [* Mote : rf you se «)
4 hen i f Ww Hf A/oT
be on tle Bram
AceeS 5 ary L
locket schecbu 2 On the syMabus , Way
change if
en tall, Choy ters I~ tS ( except CH.10)
Weebl, (Discussions | critical to undclerstanclog /mas terms Org.anh choemictry is
tle ability fo recognize patterns and opty a Low funclamental
Cont foa wih variety of prosems, TE cae onl, cover $0
muck Clues @cFures Cte findamentals) you nv0ek fo practice
| Gaplying Fhe Loin ckamentels ja loth Discusssons t Profan saee, -
ke Attend + partripale in at Gat 9 Discussson Sections and You x
wilt Se a0 to take aclvan tas: of the “Drop -A- Gracke “ op tron
Prbln Sets Set | I will ost w he li Cc Co p JCOMC 9 p 65 om Sets Cane Cans cree heey s ) to QO
help you [email protected] your skills ard a ; y p y K garvgR your prgress, Tt! afro
Sug geot addi fronal practic pros Gams Lré vs ¥
-Lo Look-
= Pro $lom sels will not Se collected or
gra check =
[Eveluctron | Quizzes = cy during tho Semester , taken luring Ob seuss con,
(2.00p + bole!) You can b ring a [pager “Coch chert “ to Qu: Z2€5 rte 55 Haus)

EXxanws => 3 curry ple sonmester Z all rchdnld
l olvring 0 2venir¥f3 . Yom).
(5° - wet) / ls om Lame la
te Final troam (i pla n accordingly)
QO: Wat is Org ani Chem
isty t Why oF rf co
n [email protected] ANG tk ?
hawk pes rot nig be
do all téAr Same ponep &s as
OF9 an chemistry follows aut ackeres
A . ° On ork — “ otke, “areas @¢ f chemistry
Le other hank hots Ung ne SP Unig
os wn Goth the rich and
[email protected] Yariety B
at reactrons ¢ Ai ver
be iid “a ache | ancd t
he pepe t/oSe molecu Gs
ot struc vures

thot can
Orgs ome Chemis si both
a “Puepel ann @ < a Act A Y
orm ak
You can ec lly olream up new mo
ecules thot Aave never been made o
2x75 Leck Lotore Syn thes: %
them (ras Se .-.) and
pe ed drs ave whether
they're therapeatt, Aazarcous Va [email protected] , hav
e ecotre paper te! , ert, |
M Origins: Io tle Curl, (800, if hock been belie
ved that there —
wee ony two types ot matter:
Cou ‘ef rot frre LO holieveh thaf vou
? fing “ in Any LA ors a hey Living =
Organic 5
but then non tiving = iegans
ang bhen§
/1R28 | WwW oA lo~ chs cornered youn can pra hee arew , * Revo
wn (OGgandc Comsoun
Acat QO ( Area, Ke Koy chis cover €3 ! Me ) NU y OCN — > (inorganic 0H) a ON Organ) Ls Can beweds wo

° Orga arc co nye ue
ok ‘
alla based on nA. po.
[ise | Kolbe Synthes:zeck acetee ack (the / Heer ien/ t contal elon ¥ fa Ht ae CMT OF 6ryanic chm’)

+ % wh, ? Ln a worck = variety

undergo an erorrmouns Variety of reacr
troas vo pore hice
t Carbon can
an oncl Gss variety of struc fur
es J wo Cou le 5 3
Q: w Ay ps fds the Case 2 wh, cloes it Asapen ? How cloes it
haygaen ?
A: the peasouns Can be Simpl: fred into Our
17” i nclamental arincis @ of
~ .

J Fo (low the elechons Gr nnwtiribandk o> Structure organ-c chom ishy :
NS peacdron s

* To fy Mow Fhe elec bans we l/ Shar t
with Cs Lamrtm~ar concept:
Increases tan
ongatwily - how muck an atom 4
| | Gtt—> rig ht
bottum — top wants electrons
of perrocke tok te (er cept Moke (Gase

zaloment Cs LY
0.79 a. |
Cc WV oO F ; %O
fa a ling elec tro napa trait

clonca clo we har tar thes ® wan
Cooncgots vou skoulch be tamrtrac wth)
e actron
» what evi % of
@ Cecfors ?
» Clomnal bonds 4 Th Octet Ku le Chemrat On —_——— | Gis compare OM
Con fro nvatron . boaclry,
Lion |
leovele : , ard fora-nt charges.

Cs? I xe J 65! Cs
ides observed experirenve ll,
Pd LHe J 245 ‘ ape ° F: Cy F
F ts an taogea nite Salt congo Se
t ard aa POAS - of Cs
CAGED Llows cho t pretare }
both closire, ancl are StalLizcd b, having an ocret but they cho so
1A oh herent Cay § : i's te [xe)
a : [ We’)
looses 1 e- gans de vow what alont CHy?
C ( H C: 4g 5 > 2 ° : ° Ca
. Y l He } A Cc rbon J PO 2 loctka |e & rue o t PEA
TAH Ay cloye» (2.5 vs 2.1) but
| z 1S ' H °
CH y olves /VoT Kev ile S hvac ture é
This would be ao HUGE — (M
Separation of charge for suck
a small ab ti Cr€[email protected] tA 2 loc trv naga tivity
Qa favorable...

COVE lent C CO~ valent , shared “La lence ) => instead bonding in CM, te Covalent
C2 lNe_]} both kave fille lh
H 7 Lue } outer shellp = Layo
ra £[email protected]!

r untler Sta neliry Cen? 5
‘(/ pant to revi Cw Aow )
1a G@ CH Gs
jam lar with
Any Cf not yaw
fo raw fi nga rt SEM +
x Jou should be Ver
—=—= -
clot shruc tures tom genoa l chown
chem ds Ae we SCyeral way BY

i ‘
fet mbedral
6509 i , ~H
Host Cy [remem bee VSEPR '}
GW H if
lows OF lewis Stmcfnet np ph ne = duc ture
(cack clot = le-) (ack f[sne ~ +f
nals ae ) 3b sm en — Ine «in th plane af He Geared
w ekga 4 = coming “out”
av fhe LSoard
* TAese Sing le con cays
CcaA Se ak Ansk
et ‘ going # aa” Po the boardk
exgarcked fo More COM? (0 Xr structures
E xan & butane Cy Hs
Hoa WOE i " " :
<& inkgroatre % Corre ct but
pe O12 Cth = g-C-c-t7t=#
NC: Cr! és " " ff tg
tecrous to craw,
Siap lity : AC ~ CH - 6%
~ 6% = —\
* each verve =¢
" erougdA H
(Condon s0A Lrauwlo ) (skeletal
7 narcle cl to
male arn octet are
eowrry. ) rma teol
Adel: leo nal Crary las : a gt :
UL rea ¥ = ey H ~ An r 0° ~ at
H . d Ce »,H Ny - qe ad ° LN, & “Ny OH
“oO” "0 oO . 6 i _ // acetre ach “° _ hl Co es = —\ oH HO? = NOH
“C* oe H 2
iV %e a u “yy
of these structures of Lidant are the
Back to butane Q: wr
| | lal are Cu Mo)

The midhle struc ture
ee /
wa - 7 iS aa Ll Sonar out
A: these two
honda ne
SAawrL Vo lecular Ltd
bul ot Lf ere rit
( the birst of Several Lot nal hs aner * 4 Cons fhe A aa ae avo m J
- re Gra
n Use ren
‘ A ty 0 od igomers wwe WW
lots Cook ak another
hexane Co My POG ge 7A
in (AA
X x [eH xh * Pwene "
\ (5 yo
“ banched ° All
are tke SQnt
Sdrnetere HJ
see thrs year ».
——— (notes

exam @
ee see GP
“ ne uf Le perntalh, py dale Jnanipula | a)

e what's obhlwew
K Key Sfill *
be:ng able to visuali
ze anc
: ac
fo fell chats
Heptars Co Nie nao
Aw \N Oe
é l (4 150 pers) ays AA aN
* Ja fe. these are onl, CK ame os of Saturated Hs cbocar bons]
fhe SQr-e
Sdructures cn Sf
a “catumptech hychoca. Lea ° ? w hates oes
oft H a r& C H., drocarbon : Wo (orn compe Sef on
aun ck thers are 4L.O rey S
Saturated 5 all
( [email protected] all Londmry 205s hi litres Qre
bonck's are J iad (e Son cl 5
we Hack “ Or *Sadacn Lek “)
fr (e CA bar Le tue la
=? potree tload a “sa pura Led hy ho ctr Sens Aa’
dus Ges JC yo ] butane
pentarr Roranrt eve...
that satis te TAT ANFR Cy Yo Ce M,.2 Lg Mey
Q So w haf + a nsatucated ? A 5 fw [typ (0 Sbonds artyor rig Su dor Lec typ (oz
MH H iE Fhkyng f #-CSC-H Cpe loprypant : JN
Ethylene : Cxo ens BMiyles ee ) beste (Cx Hy ) H
ot pro mers ae
py Ve is di therent ae SecausR you
54 Lnsaturatecl A, cleocar bons intro
chute ob therent Fie!
ny prose CoM = —~S > ‘ nel
1S not C, H, » 12) | e
Tt A ‘ Can { ro tate arOoku
) ven JW (erc. .
( he rings ¢ C L (ete) Clow SO bonds Cue A get to hes ha ter)
OQ! wrhed if some atom [email protected] Mol Mor C? Cie vot A
ry 0 CG? bons) ?
A! C OTs rho re fPo3S: Zi 4, tres halo
gens ‘
O Fo Cl be ‘ Holerratoms Cie, pot Cor //) = Ww,
XC Common Oman
yy CU cl
Cl LA ae
but strocvure isat * We could go ovw onl Css possibilitves a
that nsetnl unless we caa co net [trae ture
=> popectkes |
——— all
bu ¢ japor he at pr oper dres! We will start pod Ccture wnt fue gereval
polarity and acidk~ base chemistry




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