代写接单-Module Code: COMP 291201 Module Title: Software Engineering Principles School of Computing

Module Code: COMP 291201 Module Title: Software Engineering Principles School of Computing Calculator instructions:

 You should not need to use a calculator in this exam. Dictionary instructions: You are allowed to use a dictionary in this exam. Exam information: UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS Semester One 2020/2021 The exam is delivered via MCQ/ Gradescope. The format of the exam may therefore differ from the format of this paper but the content remains the same. There is an expectation that it will take 2 hours to complete this exam. Answer all three questions. This is an open book examination. Any written or printed material is permitted. You are unlikely to win credit in any question for reproduction or simple rephrasing of notes. Page 1 of 5 Turn the page over Module Code: COMP 291201 Question 1 These questions will implemented as MCQs with a choice of the correct answer and four similar but incorrect answers with 2 marks for each question. (a) Why would a company prefer to install a commercial software package rather than use Software as a Service (SaaS)? [2 marks] (b) Identify two disadvantages of using the secret shopper technique in a requirements investigation? [2 marks] (c) What are the risks for a software development company agreeing to a fixed price contract to deliver a working system based on a detailed requirement specification written by the client? [2 marks] (d) In Enterprise Architecture why would an architect map actors to business process activities? [2 marks] (e) Identify an example of an architecturally significant use case. [2 marks] (f) How could you document a non-functional requirement for a use case? [2 marks] (g) When and why would a software development team build a proof of architecture? [2 marks] (h) When and why should prototypes be discarded? [2 marks] (i) You have been asked to test a method that searches text and replaces sequences of blank characters with a single blank character. Give an example of an . appropriate unit test that you could apply. (j) What is a test harness and when should it be used? (k) What is a regression testing and what does it try to ensure? (l) What is refactoring and when is it recommended? (m)When it is it appropriate to deploy a build to an environment? (n) What is needed to implement DevOps? [2 marks] [2 marks] [2 marks] [2 marks] [2 marks] [2 marks] (o) How does Disciplined Agile Development (DAD) differ from earlier software development methods such as agile and the Unified Process (UP)? [2 marks] (p) What is PRINCE2 and when is it appropriate to use it? [2 marks] (q) When is it appropriate to kill a legacy system? [2 marks] [Question 1 total: 34 marks] Page 2 of 5 Turn the page over Module Code: COMP 291201 Question 2 These questions will implemented in Gradescope and require short text answers or uploaded diagrams. (a) A hospital has asked you to do a design brief for a system they need urgently to manage infection risk in their COVID-19 intensive care ward. You cannot enter the ward and the staff are extremely busy. Who are the stakeholders and how could you use the SQIRO methods (Sample documents, Questionnaires, Interviews, Reading, Observation) to investigate the requirements over a two day period. [6 marks max 120 words] (b) You have been put in charge of a three recent computer science graduates to develop a proof of architecture for the above hospital infection risk system. The team are all graduates from different universities, are working from home due to a COVID-19 lockdown and have never worked together. What software tools and working methods would you recommend the team use to ensure they work as effectively together as possible? [6 marks max 120 words] (c) Draw an improved version of this use case diagram with the same actors and use cases but correcting for syntax and style. [6 marks max 1 page] (d) Draw a UML state diagram to show the life cycle of a change request from creation to successful completion and closure. [6 marks- max 1 page] (e) You have been asked to join a large government project that will help fund businesses that have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. To your horror you learn that that their project planning is based on a waterfall model approach with very large teams working on different components and with a first delivery scheduled for 18 months time. Write a letter to the senior stakeholders explaining why an agile, Unified Process or Disciplined Agile Development approach (your choice) would be more appropriate. Your letter should explain three issues with the current approach and how your recommended approach would address them. [9 marks- max 180 words] [Question 2 total: 33 marks] Page 3 of 5 Turn the page over Module Code: COMP 291201 Question 3 This Question is based on the attached scenario which has been made available to students prior to the exam. a) One design solution for GoParkWalk might be to have a Server (running the Main GoParkWalk application, a component to Monitor Student Apps, a component to Maintain Dashboard and a database). The Server would be connected via the Internet to Student Smartphones (running the GoParkWalk app with links to GPS, Bluetooth and Notification services), to University Servers (to access their Student Database) and to University PCs (with Web browsers so they can view the Dashboard). i) Draw a UML Implementation diagram (Component and Deployment) to show the hardware nodes, software components, networking and dependencies. [6 marks max 1 page] ii) Draw a UML Sequence diagram to show the sequence of messages sent between the components in your Implementation diagram that would take place when two students using GoParkWalk and on the same course meet while walking in a park. [5 marks max 1 page] b) You are the Project Manager in charge of a team which includes a Business Analyst, a Systems Architect and a good Developer. Draw a project plan for the work to investigate requirements, write a design brief and create a proof or architecture within two weeks. You may produce a Gantt chart and use the Unified Process as a template but alternatives are acceptable. Assume that your daily rate for all staff is 500 a day so, with a budget of 10,000 you should be plan to do the work using 20 resource days. Allow two days of your own time to manage the project. [12 marks max 1 page] c) You have been asked to evaluate the work of a rival team. They have also investigated requirements, written a design brief and produced a proof of architecture. Identify five evaluation criteria that you could apply and for each describe how you would apply the criteria to evaluate the work. [10 marks max 200 words] [Question 3 total: 33 marks] Page 4 of 5 Turn the page over Module Code: COMP 291201 SCENARIO FOR QUESTION 3 This scenario is for use with Question 3. It has been made available to students prior to the exam. GoParkWalk a new student app for social interaction during a pandemic A software company is interested in developing a new product that could help students exercise and socialise safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have called this GoParkWalk. The idea is that students will be encouraged to go for a walk every day in a nearby park for exercise and fresh air. The app will use GPS location tracking locate the student in the park and locate other students who are using the same app and also walking in the park. If these students are on the same course it will encourage them both to stop and talk to each other. This will enable students to find and meet other students on their course that they would otherwise not recognise. To ensure meetings are safe the students should be outdoors, wearing masks and should be at least two meters from each other. The company believes it can use face recognition software to confirm that masks are being work and to calculate an approximate distance which they would then refine by triangulating with GPS locations and the relative strength of Bluetooth signals of the two smartphones. Students would be told to stay two meters apart if the app thinks they are too close. The company think that there is a profitable market for this novel application by giving the app away free of charge to students but selling the data on student movements, activity and social meetings together with a Web-based social activity dashboard to the universities where it is used. This dashboard will help the universities identify less sociable students and encourage more sociable behaviour between students. The company have various ideas like awarding students more coursework points based on how many different classmates they social interact with. The company want to commission a requirements investigation, design brief and a proof of architecture prototype and have set aside 10,000 for this phase of the apps development with an expected total budget of 100,000 for development and 100,000 for sales and marketing. The idea is that universities would pay maybe 1 per month per student for a data feed that would give them a dashboard of information about the students daily activities. The company have said that they want designs that are creative, ambitious and that make use of student entered data, integration with existing systems (University systems, social media feeds) and the latest advances in smart phone technologies (location, alerts, motion sensor, camera, embedded AI etc.). However the design must also be achievable within the budget and timescale and must embody sound software engineering principles and address any legal, ethical and sociological issues. Page 5 of 5 End 

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