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FIT1046 Interactive Media Foundations S2 2019 Assignment 1: Digital Publishing Design Concepts [20%]


In this assignment, you will be testing your digital graphic editing skills by redesigning the covers for two book titles that you will select from the list available at CSIRO publishing ( Using the publication title and authors as your supplied text and your own digital photography your challenge is to create an entirely new book cover design for each title. To guide your creative process, you will be referring to key design elements ( and design principles (

There are quite a few titles to choose from in the CSIRO publishing collection. Though the book topics may appear rather dry and scientific, the fact that no prior knowledge of characters or story plots is required (unlike novels), makes them ideal candidates for digital design concepts. There are also a wide range of possible graphic approaches for your redesigns, from silhouette outlines to photographic backgrounds to typographic masks and purely abstracted backgrounds. Your goal is to come up with an original and different design for each of the titles you select.


Once you have selected two books from the CSIRO publishing book list, you will need to copy each book’s title, its authors and any other text on the cover into editable text layers in Photoshop. Your redesign will involve rearranging, resizing and changing the fonts as you see fit. For each of your redesigns, you will need to blend original digital graphic elements (i.e. shapes, lines, 3D objects or masks you have created in Photoshop) and edited examples of your own digital photographs. Your photographs may be significantly modified. For example, you could use channels to create a silhouette cutout of your photographic image, or filters that make your original photograph almost unrecognizable. However, each of your book cover redesigns still needs to include elements that derive from a photograph you have taken yourself. While you are encouraged to include images you have sourced or researched online in your documentation, the digital photography and associated graphics in your final book cover redesigns must be entirely your own; no internet sourced images are permitted.


Submissions for this assignment should contain the following (three items):

(a) Your two digital book title designs as two A4 sized PDFs:

either portrait or landscape. Your redesigns are not targeted for printing so there very high resolutions aren’t necessary. A maximum 150 dpi should be sufficient, though we recommend 96 dpi. Note that Photoshop has a setting for A4: see File > Preset > International Paper > A4.

(b) A project folder with the final PSD files for each of your two digital book title designs. We are setting an upload limit of 100 megabytes for this assignment submission, so please compress and optimize your files accordingly or contact your tutor for advice on alternate submission procedures.

(c) Assignment Documentation: Your documentation is essentially an annotated visual project diary with screenshots of your assignment process and progress. Your tutors will be interested to see how you developed your concept, your creative process, and the research and experimentation that contributed toward your final designs. Again, please compress your image files in your documentation file so that your submission file size isn’t too large. 

Don’t forget to include examples of the book titles and URLs that you selected before you redesigned them so your tutors can assess the originality and creativity of your approach. Make sure to note the URLs of any images or web sites you referred in the course of your assignment research and development. And remember, your documentation is the place to detail things that you tried but didn’t work out; there are bound to be a few dead ends and restarts in your process, and you will get marks for explaining them!


Your submission will be graded on the following criteria:

Originality and creativity of redesigns, in keeping with book title/topics

            Clarity of subject matter through design

            Quality of photomanipulation and layer-based editing

            Originality of cover designs

Interpretation of Design Elements and Principles

            Understanding of design principles in design creation

            Application of Elements and Principles to digital graphics, photography and typography

Written and Visual documentation

            Coverage of design process (including research, references, inspiration, etc.)

            Use of images/screenshots and other resources to illustrate development

            Explanation of decision-making process


Any submission received after the due date without a prior arranged extension will receive a 10% reduction to their final mark per day late for a maximum of three days (30% reduction in total). Submissions received in excess of 3 days after the due date without a prior arranged extension will maintain a 30% penalty.

DUE DATE 3:00PM, Friday Week 4



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